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Urinal Hire Made Easy

Urinal Hire from Toptoilets.comOur urinal hires come in all shapes and sizes and can be adapted for a few people or tens of thousands. We have street urinals for city events, Urinal bays for smaller outdoor events or even the 20ft urinal cabin perfect for a festival or even at a construction site for all the male workers to use.

Our temporary urinals all come with self-contained effluent tanks which collects all the waste and are very easily set up, they literally can be used as soon as they are delivered. If you need a toilet solution for your male event goers or workers then can help.

Call us on 0844 288 7259 or fill out our easy 1-minute form today and you'll get info, quotes and advice from our fully qualified and highly experienced Urinal Hire team.

Renting Portable Urinals Has Never Been Easier

Urinal Hire from


If you need potty rentals then you want to deal with a crew that is passionate about:

  • giving you the best advice
  • being on time
  • providing you with great value
  • being friendly and approachable

We are that crew! can sort all of your potty rental needs across the UK from London, Birmingham, and Manchester to toilet hire in Scotland and Wales, and everywhere in between.

Our potty hire services have been used by TV production companies, on film sets, by a certain red haired Radio 2 DJ, and delivered to a royal fete – yes, even royals have to spend a penny once in a while! Our toilet trailers have held the ‘Royal We’!

Potty hire from can be hired long or short term (usually for an event like a festival, garden party, fete , whatever!)

So, what do you do next? Not much, really. Fill out the form above now, or give us a bell on this number 0844 288 7259 to get immediate potty hire advice.

Oh and before I go, I just need to tell you that we’re an ISO:9001 registered company and part of the PAL Hire Group, established since 2003.

This means that we’re recognised internationally as having the highest quality systems. It also means that we supply not just potty hire, but also generators, fencing, heaters, lighting, skips – everything to make your life easier.

If you did NOT find what you were looking for today, I’d really like to hear from you also – it will help us improve our service for others. Just email me using the contact form here.