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  • Disabled Portable Loos Converted Into Homes For The Homeless

    Posted 10 Jul 2017

    For many of us aware of the true extent of the homelessness crisis in and around Manchester, we've often considered what could be done in an effort to find a solution to this ever-growing problem...

  • Ethical rights and human rights on construction sites: how they’ve changed since World War II

    Posted 11 Oct 2016

    During the World War’s, human rights for workers were pugnaciously abused. Fortunately and expectedly, the rise in our rights as workers have been on an incline since, and is constantly bettering fo...

  • bellydancer amenities for portaloo hire cardiff

    Posted 07 Jul 2010

    Just saw this picture and thought that if we offered a free bellydancer with each portable loo hire, Cardiff, then we might be able to sell more. Might get a bit crowded though. ...

  • portable loo inverness our new range

    Posted 06 Jul 2010

    We've got a new line of loos at our portable loo Inverness depot. These not only include the normal single unit toilets, but also trailers used for parties and high profile events. To find out more, s...

  • portable toilet hire kent

    Posted 06 Jul 2010

    Here is a video from one of our customers who asked about our portable toilet hire, Kent. He was so impressed with its flushing mechanism, he videoed his appreciation to us. Check it out for youself. ...